Simple Elegance


Double doors impressively open onto this luxurious master en-suite. At the threshold the heart flutters slightly as one beholds the jewels within...

Soft white and grey marbles cocoon the occupant, whisking one away into another place entirely...a place of peace, calm, and utter bubble-bath-bliss (where's that Cadburys flake?). 

Culhane - Guildford  16.JPG

Award Winning Style


Light-rays through the glass ceiling above shine sunbeams onto the textural and pearlescent surfaces causing them to come alive with sparkle and luminousity.

Recessed spaces provide intrigue and mystery for what lies beyond and careful layering of materials and lighting collaborate with quiet ease.

Proudly, this bathroom won us Bathroom Design of The Year 2016. 

Culhane - Guildford  22.JPG

A Bath townhouse gets a signature look


Homes & Gardens awarded us Bathroom Designer of the Year for this little lovely!

A freestanding infinity bathtub takes centre stage in this spacious master en-suite.

A deluge of water cascades from its ceiling mounted shower head over the open shower space giving as close to a true rain-shower experience as one can get indoors. Using textural materials and a play-on-white colour palette brings a fresh and understated quality to the Georgian room. 



High-end living in the Bath Hills


An narrow over porch extension measuring only 1.4m in width provides home for glamorous Italian furniture and a feature bathtub. Sleek metallic tiles provide lustre and give a nod to modernity, while natural stone and teak sit elegantly with the architectural features introduced to be sympathetic with the age of the original building.


Small room, large heart


Despite the tiny dimensions of this minut cloakroom the room has presence to rival even the largest and most spectacular of spaces.

Good things really do come in small packages and this cloakroom illustrates that even the often forgotten downstairs-loo can suprise and enliven its visitors.

This room is sure to bringing joy and a smile to anyone who is lucky enough to occupy it!


Striped marble makes a splash

Contemporary use of an age old stone shows the diversity of natural materials. This striped polished marble tile is definitely striking. On closer inspection the material reveals fifty shades of grey and beautiful natural tones which provide a quiet restfulness despite its bold and distinctive initial appearance.  

This room shows that a family bathroom doesn't have to be dull and boasts a walk in wet space situated next to the bathtub so the children can splash away and pour water over the edge to their hearts content. Ample storage for toys keeps the plastic attack at bay for a relaxing child-free soak when the kids are in bed. 

Warm design for an unusual upside down house

Initially briefed just to take out and replace an impractical and uncomfortable stone bathtub, we went the whole hog and overhauled the entire master en-suite in this urban property. With clever use of space we were able to provide its owners (much to their surprise) a separate bath, walking in shower, ample storage and to restore access to an exterior courtyard space previous blocked in the old scheme. Importantly, as briefed, the clients got a simple and timeless design that is practical, as well as beautiful, and easy to maintain. 



Playful guest en-suite gives unique showering experience

Inspired by the clients fond holiday memories of outdoor showering in Bali this guest en-suite aims to excite its visitors and appeal to the senses with its use of textural materials and finishes. 


Old factory conversion has a breath of new life


Introducing a walk-in showering space and using a single colour palette throughout opens out and appears to enlarge this otherwise compact shower room. 

The pearlescent Venetian plaster plays with the light reflecting back a warm and enchanting glow transforming the room into a light filled and almost majestic space.


Country cottage does boutique hotel


Inspired by a visit to the beautiful Babington House hotel in Somerset these clients wanted to re-create a boutique hotel look in their country cottage near Bristol. 

Metallic damask print tiles provides a wallpaper-effect focal wall which gives drama and impact to the small space. An eclectic use of materials and product style in the same space successfully marry and coin a new modern; contemporary-traditional style genre.